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Real Estate Acquisition by Foreigners in Turkey

Real Estate Acquisition by Foreigners in Turkey

With its geopolitical location, landscapes, culture inherited from diverse nations and civilizations, natural beauties mesmerizing people all year long, great history and opportunities offered to investors, Turkey is the right country to live and invest in.

The very first thing that foreigners planning to invest in Turkey, which is known as one of the most appealing regions in the real estate industry, is to find the right consultancy firms for themselves.

Considering that Turkish real estate market has a high rate of capital profit, it is clear that a carefully-chosen consultancy firm will surely increase this rate of profitability and play a major role in preventing possible risks.

For instance; VAT exemption and return in house and workplace sales to foreigners is an issue requiring expertise, where proper tracking of procedures brings about considerable advantages to the investor; and so is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

In such issues, it is important not to lose any rights and to invest in the right real estate at the right price at the right time while holding the rights granted by law for being a foreigner; and all this requires right guidance and management.

A small note; since the amount of real estate investment required for acquisition of Turkish citizenship was reduced from 1 million USD to only 250.000 USD, there has been an increase in the house purchases by foreigners and citizenship applications. Experts foresee that the number of cases in 2019 will be higher than 2019.