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Changes in Turkish Land Registry System

Changes in Turkish Land Registry System

In early July 2019, Mr Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey, announced the improvements in the registry system of the Turkish Land Registry and the new system that was designed in a way that people would be able to get the most correct information regarding their immovable properties. 

The Minister stated in his speech that they would henceforth be using deed-supported QR codes for land registry documents.

QR codes on deeds will enable people to scan the code with their cell phones and access TAKBİS electronic system of the General Directorate and Land Registry and Real Estate Survey. Our citizens will be able to see all the information regarding their immovables. The term “immovables” refer to plots, houses, shopping malls and any kind of real estate.

Pursuant to the new regulation, the section that has been included in new land registry deeds as the new project area in m2 will contain gross and net surface area of independent parts in their architectural projects.