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Turkish Citizenship


Foreign people who purchase a house or real estate for 400.000 American Dollars in Turkey can apply for citizenship.

With the law published in the Turkish Official Gazette in June 2022, it has not only become possible for foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estates for a minimum price of 400.000 American Dollars in Turkey, but also their spouses and children under 18 can be entitled to Turkish citizenship as well.

People who become Turkish citizens this way also get all other rights such as residence and working in Turkey.

As Investmentime, we carry out Turkish citizenship procedures of our foreign customers who purchased a house or real estate for a minimum price of 250.000 American Dollars in Turkey confidently and carefully on behalf of them upon their request.

With our experienced, professional and service-oriented team who have already proved their success in Turkish real estate sector, we support this whole process with our legal and financial advisors along with our real estate consultants.