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Trip & Hospitality


Investmentime offers welcoming, accommodation, real estate presentation and process management services to international real estate investors within the framework of their mutual plan. Average duration for his service is 4 days. Please find the standard program flow below. Needless to say, it is possible to lengthen this period or make a shorter but more intense program after negotiating with the investor.

  • First Day: Welcoming

One member of the Investmentime team waits for the investor holding a sign with our guest’s name written on it at the airport of their arrival at the “arrival gate” where they will exit with their luggage

Our guest is taken to their hotel by a car which is organized in advance in accordance with the number of persons and their needs.

Hotel reservations are made in advance in the name of our guest if requested

Our guest is given adequate time to rest after they check-in their hotel. Within the framework of the previously presented and agreed programme, the first day is completed.

  • Second Day: Project Presentations

Our guest is taken from their hotel with a private car and our portfolio which was created in accordance with the criteria (type of the real estate, region and features) that are mutually agreed with our customer during the negotiations before their arrival is presented to our guest.

In the event of that the number of projects to be visited is high, this part can be left for the 3rd day.

On the second day, the 2nd day programme made as per our guest’s demands which he declared in advance is followed after the project visits. Dinner is included in this programme.

  • Third Day: Project Presentations and Mini City Tour

If there are any projects that could not be visited on the second day, these visits will be completed. If all the projects were visited on the second day, the projects that our guest wishes to see again will be revisited. In the meantime, our guest will be shown around the city in a mini city tour.

If the guest decides to invest in a project(s), procedures such as required paperwork, prepayment, letter of proxy etc. are carried out in the same day or following morning depending on the time of the guest’s return flight.

  • Fourth Day: Time to Say Goodbye

Depending on the time of the guest’s return flight, procedures that could not be completed the previous day are completed in the morning. If there are no procedures, legal paperwork etc that are incomplete, the guest is given free time to explore the region and do shopping and necessary support is provided accordingly. Our private car is ready for their service. Finally, our guest is taken from their hotel to the airport early enough before their flight.

The basis of this programme is to create the right portfolio fitting our guests’ expectations and needs and to make their time in our country productive and enjoyable. Transparency and soundness of the negotiations made in advance are of great importance for the parties to achieve these goals.

Investmentime guarantees to offer services that meet the expectations in the most appropriate and most productive way. It is our primary goal to make common profits for our country, our guest, our company and our industry

To guide your future and invest in your dreams, you can contact us.