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Sale of Property


Investmentime makes international sales of diverse types of reals estates for different fields of use including houses, offices, hotels, plots, flats, villas and residences; provides detailed features of its portfolio and optimally analyses the expectations of the persons and corporations that it serves.

  • In addition to being an Istanbul-based real estate company, Investmentime also contains properties from other regions of Turkey within its portfolio.
  • Investmentime also acts as the Turkish agent of overseas people and corporations for their specific real estate needs that are not included in our portfolio; and therefore, works to perform aimed purchases on behalf of said international person or corporation once required approval is obtained.
  • In the event of that buyer meets the necessary requirements, Investmentime carries out necessary procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship on behalf of the buyer depending on the real estates that it has sold. The primary requirement for this is that the house must be purchased for a price of minimum 250.000 USD
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