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Property Management


This is a service for our customers who purchased from our property projects.

This service includes presales, during-sales and aftersales services.  On the basis of this comprehensive service from maintenance to leasing lies the principle of meeting the needs through the most optimal and transparent way possible.

As each real estate owner’s use and needs is unique, we offer flexible solutions. Services to be offered are determined upon the customer’s preferences.  Some of our services are as follows:

  • Real estate’s needs are determined and met.
  • Furniture for the house is designed, chosen and decorated by expert engineers and interior designers.
  • Maintenance is provided to the real estate in the absence of the owner.
  • Monthly expenses (bills, monthly fees etc.) and taxes regarding the real estate are paid.
  • Procedures for renting the real estate or using it as an investment tool are carried out if requested.
  • Movements in the real estate industry are notified to the real estate’s owner as a report.

These processes vary in accordance with what real estate’s owner’s goals are and the services they need to achieve their goals.

Investmentime offers flexible, transparent, solution-oriented and profit-focused services.