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About Us


Inventmentime - founded by Mr. Murat Binici who, as a real estate professional, created and managed teams and achieved high-level goals and subsequently held the co-founder position of AREA Consultancy for over 5 years - is a marketing-oriented company that provides high quality services in a global scale in the field of real estate.

Investmentime is a reliable and sincere service company for real estate tourism in addition to being the right real estate investment consultant for those wishing to come to Turkey.

We are aware of that taking the steps which are productive for Turkey, profitable for investors and right for the industry is only possible through correct determination of the needs, properly-met expectations and being clear and open throughout all processes; which constitutes the basis of our professional mentality.

With the law published on the Turkish Official Gazette in June 2022 which enabled foreigners in possession of houses or real estates over the price of 400.000 American Dollars to become Turkish citizens, Investmentime does not only serve as a real estate consultancy company, but also working hard to become a true international representor of Turkey.

At this point, it provides consultancy for the individuals who have necessary requirements to become a Turkish citizens. At the same time, as part of real estate tourism. it hosts and organizes events.